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Firefox fails to display Extended Info Popup if via Search Results

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  • Firefox fails to display Extended Info Popup if via Search Results

    When using Firefox to view Extended Info popup pages on Product Pages located via the Search Results, the bare HTML of the popup page loads without CSS, JavaScript or images.

    Note that this only happens when highlighting of the search results is active.

    Chrome browser works OK.

    Demo of bug:

    Take standard demo site and enable an Extended Info page for the Engagement Ring product.
    In Product Details / Links / Links From Product Page, check all 3 options.
    Upload site.
    Using Firefox, search for "Engagement".
    Follow search result to Product Page.
    Click any of the Extended Info links and corrupted popup appears.

    A quick fix is to disable Search Highlighting. Go to Settings / Search And Filtering Settings / Results and uncheck Highlight Located Text.
    Norman -
    Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey

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    Firefox issue

    Did you or do you have any design issues in Firefox? Since their last update our website looks crap ( It is perfectly okay in IE but the design has gone totally up the creek with Firefox. Damn annoying.


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      The righthand sidebar(s) seem to be displaced - I'm guessing that's the issue? If so, I'm seeing it in Firefox, IE11 and Chrome so it's not a Firefox problem. It looks like something in the central area is too wide.

      John Ennals