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  • Twitter Integration

    In SellerDeck 2014 onwards, a new Twitter integration has been added. If you would like to set up the Twitter integration please see instructions below: -
    1. Open SellerDeck 2014
    2. Go to Settings | Site Options | Social Media
    3. Scroll down to the “Twitter” sub-heading
    4. Once there it will look like this: -

    5. In the field “Your Twitter User Name” enter your twitter name without the “@”. As an example mine would look like @SellerDeckKB so I have entered SellerDeckKB
    6. Press ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’
    7. Look in Page Preview (If you cannot see page preview use Window | Restore Split View Layout) - You will see the icons there this will show if it’s working or not.

    Additional Features:

    • The “Initial Text for Tweets” feature will add some text when the customer presses ‘Tweet’ on a product, it will add this text just before a link to the product & name of the product.
    • The other features included are to Show Tweet Counts, it will show a number of how many people who have tweeted this product.
    • It will also show a follower count, this is a number of people who have followed your twitter account that is listed in “Your Twitter user name”.
    • The feature “Tweet Button Hashtag” adds the hashtag listed in the field automatically when someone presses the “Tweet” button on a product.
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