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Features of the Swift theme

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    Features of the Swift theme

    Sellerdeck Swift incorporates a significant number of design improvements and new features.

    General look and feel

    1. The look and feel of the site design has been significantly modernised.
    2. A cookie acceptance message was added.


    3. For mobile devices we have added a new industry-standard burger menu that is more compact and makes the site quicker to navigate on a touch screen device.
    4. A list of top-level sections is now included by default on the home page.
    5. The “Online Catalogue” page is made redundant in the design (though still uploaded).
    6. Search results can be filtered.
    7. The mega menu is “sticky” and remains in view when you scroll down the page.

    Cart & checkout

    8. The display of the shopping cart and checkout on mobile devices has been improved and made more responsive.
    9. Items can now be deleted from the cart with a single click or tap.
    10. The checkout can be displayed in an enclosed design (“Enclosed Checkout”) that removes distracting links and encourages checkout completion.

    Customer accounts

    11. The display of logged-in account information has been modernised and improved.
    12. The logged-in name is moved to a more standard position at the top right of the page and provided with a compact drop-down menu giving access to the account details and logout link.


    13. Best Sellers, New Products, Related, Also Bought and Recently Viewed Products have an improved and more standardised style.
    14. Social media – added links for Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

    Product presentation

    15. Key product information is displayed in tabbed format on the product pages. By default, tabs are provided for the Description; product-specific delivery and return information (for which a new field is provided); reviews; and video.
    16. Tabs that have no content are hidden. More tabs can be added as a design customisation, at extra cost.
    17. Swift includes “Magic Zoom Plus”, the industry-standard solution supporting multiple images per product with image zoom.
    18. “Related Products” are given more prominence, being displayed to the right of the main product information. The general appearance of the “Related Products” and “Also Bought” lists has been improved.