Sellerdeck Community upgrade

18 May: completed upgrade of the Sellerdeck Community software. Please report any issues in this post.
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SellerDeck Payments: Change to 'Stylesheet URL' field

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  • SellerDeck Payments: Change to 'Stylesheet URL' field

    To ensure that your Sellerdeck Payments page continues to function correctly after 9th February 2018, please do the following as soon as possible:
    1. From the Sellerdeck Desktop ‘Settings’ menu, select ‘Business Settings’.
    2. Select the ‘Payment and Security’ tab.
    3. In the ‘Payment Methods’ grid, find and select ‘Sellerdeck Payments Ecommerce’.
    4. Click ‘Configure Method’.
    5. If the ‘Stylesheet URL’ field contains the subdomain ‘’ OR ‘’, change this to ‘’ (to retain your custom payments page design); or delete the whole content of the field (to use the default payments page design).

    6. Click ‘OK’.
    7. Repeat for the Payment Method ‘Sellerdeck Payments CNP/MOTO’, if listed.
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