The following details have been used to successfully configure SellerDeck Ecommerce for a Cheapnet server. SellerDeck Software cannot guarantee that these settings still apply as Cheapnet may change their configuration without notice.

These settings are for a non SSL configuration. Replace with the site domain name e.g.

Select Web | Network Setup.

Server Details:-
Catalog URL: http://www./acatalog/
CGI-BIN URL: http://www./cgi-bin/
Codebase: ./
Path from CGI-BIN to acatalog Directory: ../public_html/acatalog/

FTP Details:-
Server Host: As supplied by Cheapnet.
Path to CGI-BIN: /cgi-bin/
Path from CGI-BIN to acatalog Directory as Viewed by the FTP Server: leave this field blank

Common Settings panel:-
CGI Script Extension: .pl
Web site URL: http://www./
Path to Perl shell: /usr/bin/perl

After entering the network settings, click Apply and then Test to ensure that the settings are correct.