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How can I choose which sections to show in the Top Level Section List?

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    How can I choose which sections to show in the Top Level Section List?

    This will show you how to manually select which sections will appear in the 'top level section list' that is in the sidebar of most of the SellerDeck designs.

    1. Go to 'Design | Library' and go to the 'Variables' tab.

    2. Right click on the 'Section' group and select 'New Variable'

    3. Give the variable a name of 'ShowInSidebar'.

    4. Give it a prompt of 'Show Section in Sidebar'.

    5. Under 'Place of Setting' select 'Section'.

    6. Under 'Tab Name' select 'General'.

    7. De-select 'Allow <Use parent> as an Option'

    8. Change the 'Type' field to 'True/False'.

    9. Leave the 'Top Level Value' and 'Initial Value' to 'True' if you want all sections shown by default. Set them both to 'False' if you don't.

    10. Click 'OK' and close the library.

    11. Go to the 'Design' tab and in the preview pane click on one of the sections in your top level section list. You should now be looking at a layout called 'Section Name Only Section Link'.

    12. Double click on the block if at the top of the layout code.

    13. You should now be in the Condition Editor. Change the condition to:

    HTML Code:
    <actinic:variable name="IsSectionIncludedInSiteMap" /> AND <actinic:variable name="ShowInSidebar" />
    You can just copy and paste the code straight into the editor.

    14. Click 'OK' and then click 'Apply' to confirm your changes.

    You can now go into the 'General' tab of any section that you don't want in the top level section list in the sidebar, and change 'Show Section In Sidebar' to 'False'.