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Reminder: Sage Pay withdrawal of support for Sage Pay Protocol v2.23

Hi all,

As a reminder for any Sage Pay users who have still not upgraded and signed up for the Sage Pay extension, Support for Sage Pay Protocol 2.23 is discontinued as of 31st October 2015, which means after this date you will no longer be able to process payments on the website via Sage Pay.

To resolve this, you will need to upgrade to a version of SellerDeck which adds support for the new Sage Pay v3 integration (v16.0.0, v14.0.3, v12.0.6 and v11.0.6).

For full details and to download the relevant new version, please see:

Important notes:
• Before using the new Sage Pay integration, you need to register your server IP address(es) with Sage Pay via 'MySagePay' and selecting 'Settings | Valid IPs'. Detailed instructions can be found here:
• Crypt::SSLeay needs to be installed on your web server in order for the new integration to work: Click here for more information.
• There is a known issue with the new integration regarding fraud screening: Click here for the workaround.
• If you have digital downloads on your site, you will need to apply a workaround to ensure order confirmation emails work correctly: Click here for more information.
• No other change is required beyond installing the new SellerDeck version, which will automatically switch your site to use the Sage Pay v3 protocol.
• Payment confirmation emails to the buyer and merchant are no longer supported. Order confirmation emails from SellerDeck will be sent as normal.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact SellerDeck support via:
Paul Murphy
Operations Manager - SellerDeck