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Improve the performance of SellerDeck’s checkout pages on your site:

You can improve the performance of SellerDeck’s checkout pages on your site by making the following checks:

If the receipt page is slow to load, ensure your SMTP server is correctly configured; otherwise a delay in the checkout process occurs as a result of SellerDeck attempting to send your customers a receipt email and failing. In SellerDeck, go to 'Web | Network Setup' and click the 'Test' button. If the test fails, try 'localhost' (without the apostrophes) as the 'SMTP Server' name. If this still fails, contact your hosting company and find out what the correct SMTP server should be for your hosting.

Hosting with an SellerDeck specialist host (including SellerDeck: see here) so that the correct 'go faster' additions are installed, see the articles concerning the MD5 Digest here and Apache servers here.
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