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Old 29-Oct-2010, 02:11 PM
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Folder Change in Actinic v10.0.3 Onwards

Actinic v10.0.3 onwards a significant change has been introduced in the handling of files generated during upload and preview, moving them from the Site folder to a separate folder which is always on the local PC. This reduces network traffic, and on multi-user systems can greatly improve preview and upload speed on client PCs.

The following paragraphs provide details of the changes made, for the benefit of users of previous versions:
  • On first installing the software you will be prompted for the location of a new Local Folder where the generated files will be stored. The default is in the hidden system folder intended for protected application data (usually C:\ProgramData\) . A different location may be selected, but it must be a local folder, and for technical reasons it cannot be inside the Sites folder.

    The following files will be saved to the new Local Folder:
    All files previously stored in SiteHTML.
    All files generated for Content and Design preview.
    All .cat files.
    All generated .pl and .pm files.
    Most .fil files (excluding files related to PSP, SSP, Shipping and searching).

    Files used to identify changes have to be kept centrally. So only files to be uploaded are moved to the new location. All cand*.fil, full*.fil, new*.fil and prev*.fil files are still held in the Sites folder, while diff*.fil will be written to the new Local Folder.

  • Some folders previously created during installation are now created when a site is first opened. The folder SiteHTML and the two folders for Content and Design Preview are created under the new Local Folder instead of in the Sites folder, in a sub folder named after the current site. When a site is renamed, this folder is renamed; and when the site is deleted, the folder is deleted.

  • When v10.0.3 or later is started it will delete the old SiteHTML folder from the Sites folder to save space and avoid confusion. It will also remove the preview folders for the user that opens the site. The files generated in the Sites folder in 10.0.2 and earlier will not be deleted by the upgrade, but the user may safely remove those files to clean up the Site folder.

  • For database upgrades, files in the SiteHTML folder or with extension .cat will be tokenised to appear to have been uploaded from the new location. This is to prevent the first web site update from deleting all the files and performing a site refresh. However the scripts, .fil and .txt files will be purged and refreshed during the first web site update.

  • When importing snapshots from earlier versions, Actinic will identify the SiteHTML folder and save it to the new Local Folder instead of the Sites folder.
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