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Old 12-Apr-2012, 12:17 PM
Sunstone Sunstone is offline
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Question Postcode Restriction

HI All

My client whom I'm developing my first Actinic website for has asked if there is a postcode restriction option that will only allow orders from a particular area or set of postcodes

My client delivers fresh produce locally in the Notts region and therefore does not require orders from elsewhere.

Is this possible and indeed feesible ?


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Old 12-Apr-2012, 02:51 PM
Mike Hughes Mike Hughes is offline
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It's not available by default but you could do it using javascript or by modifying the perl scripts to only accept certain postcodes.

Javascript would be the easiest but anyone without javascript wouldn't run the checking. This should only be a tiny proportion, especially as you should also have some desciption of the delivery area on the website.

Perl would be more secure but involve a lot more effort and require updating of the mods after every actinic update.

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