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Originally Posted by mythandmagic View Post
yeah working perfect now,

Its just started to get the data in the structured data within webmaster tools and all looking good with lots of pages now listed and zero errors.

I have also substituted <actinic:variable name="ProductPageMetaDescription" /> for <actinic:variable name="ProductDescription" /> in SellerDeck V16.0.3 Google Feed Layout code lines below:

<![CDATA[<actinic:variable name="ProductPageMetaDescription" />]]>

This layout generates a Google Products XML file on upload and you should find a local copy of the file in the SiteHTML folder, which is usually
C:\ProgramData\SellerDeck\SellerDeck 2016\Sites\SiteName\SiteHTML
where 'SiteName' is the name of the site in Sellerdeck Desktop.

Google will flag up any missing product descriptions that need to be populated but you can check this locally by opening the XML file.

I am now using the XML file for my Google data feed after implementing a fix to ensure duplicate products are included on the list.
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