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Sellerdeck Community - Rules

The aim of the community is to provide a friendly and useful forum for active users of Sellerdeck products. From experience, these guidelines will help to achieve that aim.
  • The community is designed for commenting on, or raising: issues, questions, bugs, and suggested changes to Sellerdeck products; and information or questions about running an online business.

  • The community is designed primarily for Sellerdeck users to help each other. If a thread receives no responses within two working days, then a member of the Sellerdeck support team will take a look at the question.

  • No explicitly commercial postings promoting products or services are allowed. Requests for services and quotations from other list members can be made but should be answered by email off line. No threats, general rudeness or slander of people, products or companies should be posted.

  • You must provide true information about yourself in your registration.

  • Sellerdeck will occasionally post notices or commercial postings in connection with Sellerdeck products.

  • Please do not post a question multiple times. It is unnecessary and makes it more confusing for people searching the forum. Duplicate questions may be removed by the moderators.

  • Participation on this forum is only allowed on the basis of agreement to these rules. Sellerdeck reserves the right to remove or edit any posting which in its sole opinion is not in its commercial best interests