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Old 06-Apr-2016, 11:30 AM
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Google Adwords Code not working

When pasting AdWords code into the provided textbox (Marketing > Google Analytics and Adwords > Paste sales conversion tracking code here if required), SellerDeck offers to automatically update this if
google_conversion_value = 1.00;
occurs. It then replaces this with
google_conversion_value = <actinic:variable name="OrderTotalBaseUnit" />;

This is placed into the Receipt template via the <actinic:variable name="GoogleAdwordsSale" /> variable. However once uploaded the Javascript is still reading
google_conversion_value = <actinic:variable name="OrderTotalBaseUnit" />;
and is causing a Javascript error.

To remedy this for the time being I have substituted the automatic 'correction' to use
instead of
<actinic:variable name="OrderTotalBaseUnit" />

When doing this SellerDeck prompts a warning that it can't auto replace the code and advises that
<actinic:variable name="TextOrderTotal" />
should be used manually to reference the value. Which is also wrong because it also won't convert and it contains a currency symbol.
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