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Old 04-Jan-2018, 11:10 AM
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Jquery update style of span

We have an external javascript file (actinicsearch.js) that gets called as part of a catalog results page, AJAX is involved on this document -

I have a jquery function for altering colour of a span when it detects certain text - please see my code below.

function ReInitStockColor(){
 $(function() {
  $("span:contains(In Stock)").css("font-weight", "bold").css("color", "#00BF00");
  $("span:contains(Due)").css("color", "#FF0000");
  $("span:contains(Made)").css("font-weight", "bold").css("color", "#00BF00");
This code is being called earlier on in our file, however it is not executing. If I take my code in to chrome/Firefox console and run it, it executes successfully.

Is anybody able to assist in this matter?

Many thanks in advance,

Matt - SMR.

EDIT: Should probably add, see my last post of this thread - reason behind this method.
Matt. M - SMR Enterprises Ltd.
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