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Delete an item, permanently off an order

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    Delete an item, permanently off an order

    I had a shipper asked me... is it possible to not show the cancelled items on an invoice... this was for an export order to the EU... the shipper wanted the paperwork to not show unnecessary items... I guess might hinder/delay clearance...

    You can add, cancel and un-cancel an item... you can't "delete"
    - however you can add and delete an adjustment...

    I don't know why an item can't be deleted... I assume there was a reason.

    I've had customers change an entire order... it looks a mess showing items cancelled on an invoice...

    I wish the possibility of items to be "deleted" off an order
    (I'm not sure if this was asked before)

    I've always assumed it's for traceability where you want to be able to see the history of what's happened on an order.

    It would be nice if we had the option to 'hide' a product that's been cancelled so it doesn't print on the invoice / receipt. That would keep traceability and allow us to see the history of the order while at the same time producing a nice clear invoice / receipt for the customer (and customs, etc).

    It get's my support.


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      We have a wish list ticket for this with a couple of previous requests, WL-1245. I've added yours to it.

      There may be circumstances where legally the item could not be removed. For example, if a payment was taken online when the order was placed; and then the item was cancelled by phone and a refund issued before the invoice was sent. It might take significantly longer to figure out precisely what change could be implemented than it would to actually implement it - which may be why this was kept simple in the first place.
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