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    Sales Dashboard Startup

    Just loaded up SellerDeck 2016 on a clean PC and added the Sales Dashboard extension downloaded from the site using the Extensions Catalogue. All worked well until I switched to the Sales Dashboard and found a blank chart with all buttons disabled.

    The reason for this is that the default SellerDeck site has three orders built in and during install they seem to get the date of the installation as the order date thus they all have the same date and are thus a single point on the graph. As the graph draws lines it needs at least two points to work so it appears blank, if you mouse over the screen the point appears. Adding orders to the system has no effect other than to move the point until the date changes.

    I discussed this with SellerDeck but all the test data we used during testing is derived from customers databases thus we cannot release that data to the public domain.So if you have your own snapshot of a site then import it into SellerDeck 2016 and the Sales Dashboard will pickup the new data and provide a more useful demo.If not then I am afraid you will need to wait a day and then add orders by hand using the MOTO screen.

    Any feedback on additional features is welcome as the intention is to provide a V2 version if there is the demand.There are three more new areas in the forum regarding extensions including one for making suggestions for new extensions.

    General Extensions Discussion
    Ideas and Requests
    Extension Development

    You can use the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page to see all the forum areas, just click on the SellerDeck Community in the breadcrumb trail.


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    Hi Malcolm,

    Strange you should post this as I was playing around with the extension and noticed the same thing. So I ended up doing as you suggest waiting and making a moto order.

    However I dug a little deeper, It appears that the extension works off the data ordered, So I simply changed this within the database and was able to get a good spread of orders which was nice to see.

    I don't recommend editing it, but maybe if someone really wanted to see it rather than waiting for 24hours it might be a option, If anyone does as always take a snapshot before editing

    Very Nice looking though! Can't wait to see more.
    Sam Bromley
    Technical Support Analyst



      Where do I get this extension from?

      How do I go about making this extension available in the extensions tab?
      I can't find it anywhere.

      Websparky Electrical Goods


        Have you downloaded the extension from the Extensions Catalogue (visible in a tab in SellerDeck 2016)?

        That's the first step.

        Then run the downloaded file - it's an installer for the extension.

        Then restart SellerDeck and the Sales Dashboard Extension should be visible in its own tab.

        Hugh Gibson
        CTO - Sellerdeck Ltd.


          Just managed to get the download, it is not obvious where to click in extensions manager tab to get to the download though!
          All sorted now
          Thanks for your help

          Websparky Electrical Goods