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Wishlist for update to Sales Dashboard Extension

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    Wishlist for update to Sales Dashboard Extension

    I have recently been asked if there is any intention to upgrade the Sales Dashboard and it was always intended as a taster of what could be done and offered as a free option. I intend to consider a paid for version of the dashboard in the New Year and currently have three items on the WishList so if anyone has any thoughts on improvements or extra features now would be a good time to drop me a line or post to this thread on the forum.

    1/ Provide a breakdown of sales by channel and to expand the time axis to allow a more detailed breakdown of sales for example during a day, rather than the current daily total.

    2/ Expand the graph to provide multiple lines one for each year to provide a month on month comparison, practically it is likely to be 5 or 6 years worth of data on the screen as five or six coloured lines.

    3/ Expand the Last Orders List, the suggestion was twenty but it would be simple to provide a configuration setting allowing any number from say 5 to 50, the longer the list the more scrolling you would need to do,


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