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Laguna Street 30,000 order broke our site?

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    Laguna Street 30,000 order broke our site?

    Hello everyone!

    On 30th March we had an order for hundreds of products the total came to over 30,000, plus a couple of other large orders from "3137 Laguna street" selecting collection in person, obviousley no payment but since then we cant download new orders. I have tried importing a recent snapshot from before these orders but I keep getting the message below.

    String data, right truncated, then An unexpected database orror occurred while reading the order and finally the box in the image below. Remove or retry doesnt work!?

    Network setting are ok, I have compacted databases and refreshed the site nothing works.

    Any help or suggestions woud be much appreciated.


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    It's probably easiest just to go into your web space and manually delete the order file that's referred to in the error message.

    If you're at all worried about it you can copy it with a new name just in case if you ever decide you want to put it back again (although I can't see any circumstances in which you would want to, that would just be in case something completely unexpected happened - such as deleting the wrong one by mistake).

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