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    SD Payments by Opayo

    I have spent what is like months trying to get our ducks in a row to swap over to Opayo from the old SD payments. By the looks of it I still have to jump though more which has got me questioning if it worth it.

    The reason I wanted to swap over was the fraud score that was quite useful in the old SD payments.

    So has anyone swapped over to SD Payments by Opayo ? Was it worth it over say just leaving pay pal to take all the payments ?

    Moreover anyone on SD Payments by Opayo with Host It ?

    I went PayPal commerce platform for PayPal and cards, brilliantly simple and looks so nice not throwing customers off the site for card details. No more hassle with fees from multiple sources ect.

    Ed Harrison


      I agree with Ed. PayPal ecommerce has worked fine for me too.

      There is no fraud scoring of any kind so I guess you have to decide how important that is for you. I've only had two fraudulent orders in the last 20 years and one of those I picked up because it was clear it wasn't a genuine order. On the other hand if you're selling high ticket, easily moved on items then I could quite see that fraud scoring and delivery address verification would be well worth having.

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        We have been using SD Payments by Opayo for 3 months successfully without issues after the NMI Third Man fraud screening was withdrawn and particularly like the Opayo fraud screening and delivery address verification provisions.

        We required a new Merchant ID for the interface with Opayo at the start and this did take some time to establish with our Merchant Service Provider.

        We did encounter a couple of issues on initial set up up.

        Firstly in Configure Method | PSP Settings, the User Name and Password need to be the same as the Admin User Name and Password and I had to reset the passwords in My Opayo Test and Live Admin and User settings to be the same and use the same User Name and Admin User Name in the Configure Method to clear a "cannot validate the <signature> value" error message on Opayo - thanks to John Ennals for pointing this one out.

        The second one concerned an "invalid 4020 - information received from an invalid IP address" error as mentioned at the end of the Knowledge Base Sellerdeck Payments by Opayo Guidance. This took some some and effort to resolve as our domain host (not Host It) initially advised that no other IP addresses existed on their servers for payment processing. Opayo had advised a couple IP addresses linked to invalid transactions that were similar (except for last 3 digits) and these were found to exist on the website PHP so when challenged the domain host conceded that the IP addresses were linked to CGI servers that control the PHP on their platforms. These were added as Valid IP addresses with Subnet Mask on Opayo and this cleared the error.


          We are also using Opayo and I have to say it is poor compared to Sellerdeck Payments. Firstly on a moto payment you have to ask the customer to provide EXACTLY the right card or the payment will fail and you have to start again and input all the numbers again - what I mean by that is they have to say if they have a Visa DEBIT or Visa Credit etc - you would not believe how many people have no idea what sort of card they have, and also all say "visa" when asked even if it is a mastercard.
          The next problem is you cannot use "shopped before" and charge the previously used card, which was a great feature of SD Payments.
          The next problem is the worst - if a customer uses, say Paypal on an order and then phones to change the order, you are buggered - you cannot charge a different payment method using Opayo - we used to do this all the time with SD payments.
          Don't get excited about the fraud scoring - it is rubbish compared to what we had before. It green lights pretty much everything regardless of how poor it looks to the eye.
          It is almost certainly an implementation problem - we did not have any of these issues before Opayo.
          Reported all to sellerdeck,, of course no response whatsoever.