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PayPal Description Too Long When Using Components

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    PayPal Description Too Long When Using Components


    Just wondered if anyone has a work around for this one.

    I am using version 18 and PayPal

    I have tried to create some dynamically priced products using, Components, Attributes and Options using drop down boxes but have found that because of the cart description being too long Sellerdeck is unable to communicate with PayPal.

    So at the minute where I would like a product to have 5 components I am limited to 2. Please see an example

    I could pass only the title but that means I have no information of the customers choices apart from the price.

    I have found in the past that too long product titles can create the same problem so always word them to work.

    Any thoughts really appreciated.

    Thanks Robert

    This issue was fixed in v18.2.0, but the fix involved truncating the product description if it was too long. There is a hard limit on the length that the PayPal API will accept, and we can't exceed that.

    Customer choices are stored and passed with the order record, though, and that's not affected by any limits imposed by PayPal. What is it that prevents you from seeing them?
    Bruce Townsend
    Ecommerce Product Manager
    Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions


      Hi Bruce,

      I'm on V18.05 so it may be a case of I have to upgrade.

      Please see the following link to a product I have just unhidden for an example.

      The product has 6 components.

      Add to cart then Choose PayPal Express Checkout and you will receive the following message "An error has occurred while communicating with PayPal. Please try again or choose another payment method"

      If I remove from the product (ie Delete) any combination of the components leaving just 2 components then everything works fine and PayPal works.

      I have also been able to replicate the same issue with some products whose titles were too long and we renamed them shorter to solve the issue.

      I'm hoping the component issue is an easy fix without having to upgrade.

      I hope the above makes sense.


        Hello Just a quick update.

        Upgrading to V18.2 has solved the issue