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    Products not displaying

    Hi, we use our site more as an online catalogue for regular customers to browse. Online ordering is rare. I’m trying to encourage my son to get more involved. He was having a tinker on the site today he put a “carousel”on the home page. Which I wasn’t expecting, but now none of the individual products are displayed. All the product sections are there but no content within them.
    He hasn’t got a clue what he could have done. Nor do I.. hoping it is something simple and would greatly appreciate suggestions.

    It looks like the whole Product Page Product Layout has gone missing. If he was working at code level, then at a guess either the variable <actinic:variable name="ProductPageProductLayoutRWD" />, and possibly its surrounding div, was deleted from the Product Page Body RWD layout (or whichever product page layout your site uses) - see PPB-layout.png attached. Or possibly all of the code in the Product Page Product Layout itself was deleted. If the latter, he can just right-click the layout in the Library and select 'Revert to Factory Settings' to restore the original code.

    It might not be that, but I can't think of anything else.

    It should be easy to add a carousel to the home page using a Fragment and the 'Promo List Carousel' layout. See the section 'Image Carousels' in the main help ('Help Topics' in the 'Help' menu).

    I would encourage him in future to switch to Test Mode ('Switch to Test Mode' in the 'Web' menu) then upload and test his changes first, rather than going live immediately. That way there is no risk of breaking the live site. 'Switch to Production Mode' and upload again to make the changes live.
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    Bruce Townsend
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