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    Delivery Address Always Visible

    Still using v11 - I know!!

    Customer went through checkout and as fields for delivery address were visible to her she naturally filled them in but didn't check the box. Invoice only showed the invoice address so package sent to wrong address.

    Why are delivery address fields always visible when entering checkout when the box is not checked? I tried this myself and found that if I check the box and then uncheck it, the delivery fields disappear.

    I have searched the forum for a solution and I have reset the 'both addresses address field' to factory but no change. Any ideas how to keep the delivery address fields hidden until the box is checked?

    Many thanks - Gemstones, Pearls, Hill Tribe sterling silver, Swarovski and Findings.

    Someone has meddled with your layouts and moved the JavaScriptFunctions layout from their usual place (in the HEAD area of your overall layout, usually just above the </head> tag) to near the bottom of your pages.

    These functions contain lots of JavaScript including a function SetDeliveryAddressVisibility that hides the delivery fields if the Deliver to Different Address checkbox is empty.

    When the page loads in your users browser, just after the HTML that lays out the delivery fields the SetDeliveryAddressVisibility function is called.

    Because the JavaScript file containing the SetDeliveryAddressVisibility function hasn't yet been loaded (it's much further down the page) the routine can't run and hide the fields.

    Try moving the JavaScriptFunctions to their usual place.
    Norman -
    Edinburgh, U K / Bitez, Turkey


      Thank you Norman. The law of unintended consequences. The change was a Google suggestion to speed up page load times. It was done some time ago so I wonder how many others have had packages sent to the wrong address but didn't complain!!

      Thanks again for your invaluable contributions to this forum. - Gemstones, Pearls, Hill Tribe sterling silver, Swarovski and Findings.


        Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but we have this or a similar probem at the checkout. I reverted the outer layout to default but it didn't help. Can anyone give me a suggestion please?
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