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Swift checkout pages with Paypal commerce setup

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    Swift checkout pages with Paypal commerce setup

    We are looking at the swift template and seem to have run into a small issue with the checkout pages and PayPal commerce. Our current live site (Smart Theme) is set up with the new PayPal commerce setup replacing the express checkout. On our current site, it displays the PayPal button on the view cart and also on Checkout page 0 at the top with the option to use the “express” PayPal service or proceed with the address field and details for all other card payments.

    With the swift checkout, this does not seem to be present on the view cart page nor at the top of the Checkout page 0. It is at the bottom left-hand corner under remember me with an “- or -” above it then the Paypal button

    We have run and installed the widget all green…….checked the layout changes against help

    Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you resolve it?
    I do also apologise if we have missed a thread on this

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, it does work just looks a little odd when you are trying to help speed up checkout that it's not prominent

    I am not 100% what you mean but I went from smart to swift then upgraded to PayPal commerce so take a look at my site below and that is how it should look.

    Ed Harrison


      Hi Ed

      Thank you for your reply, your site looks great and your checkout pages are how we expected ours to display, but they don’t.
      On your view cart page, you have the “Paypal button or checkout button” - we only have checkout, no PayPal button.
      Continuing to the next page of checkout, you have an orange checkout now or Paypal option – we have neither of these displaying, however at the bottom of this page after the address field details and the tick box for - remember me, the Paypal button is showing?

      We have only just started to look at this template and have not done anything to it. We just wanted to see how it looked and functioned, we do like the template it looks very nice.
      I have just seen in another post that a Swift V2 is available for new implementations, so we might give this a try and see if we have the same problem with our checkout pages


        Hi Jacqui. I'm not sure why you would have had that issue, but if it's a new implementation then I would definitely recommend getting hold of Swift v2. It's a significant step further forward, and shouldn't give you any issues with PayPal Commerce Platform.
        Bruce Townsend
        Ecommerce Product Manager
        Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions


          Hi Bruce,

          Many thanks for the reply, we now have Swift V2 and will have a look at this soon


            Good Morning,

            Paypal buttons and checkout Layout restored with Swift V2.

            Thank you