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Red "Click here to see errors" - but no errors

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    Red "Click here to see errors" - but no errors

    Please can anybody tell me how to see the actual errors that the software is reporting in this box? In the past I've always been able to work out what's wrong, however I have been totally stuck on this one for a few days. Have tried compact & repair but to no avail.

    As you know, when you click on the red 'Click here to see errors' box, it then brings up another box saying 'Search for all errors on all pages'. When I click on that and carry out the search, it doesn't find any errors. So I'm left wondering, are there any errors ... or not?

    It is so annoying! Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thank you.
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    Its a grey javascript error so not critical, I have the same and support could only resolve it by upgrading to 18.22.
    I am living with it for now.

    Ed Harrison - Menmuir Scotland


      Thanks Ed


        It is often because the browser SD use for preview in Sellerdeck is IE-10 (yes, ie10) so lots of modern stuff doesn't sit comfy with it. Sometimes if you go to settings. site options, layout, embedded preview compatinility you can change IE=10 to IE=EDGE to remove theese odd grey errors but be aware that clicking the design preview to select layouts will not work with Edge.

        In short as Ed says, if you cannot click on an error it is spurious. If you can click on it you will be taken to the actual error.

        Finally if you are linking to the Fancybox javascripts then using ES6 import rather than a straight link can remove a spurious error:

        <!-- ES6 fancybox import - avoids spurious script error-->
        <script type="module">
        import { Fancybox } from "";
        This is not version dependent.
        Jonathan Chappell
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        SellerDeck Website Designer
        Actinic to SellerDeck upgrades
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