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show postage costs before checkout

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    show postage costs before checkout

    Hi folks,
    ive searched in vain.... (im sure i asked this before but cant find it) so here goes:

    You cant display postage costs in the cart until customer has completed part 2 of checkout.

    you can 'Request Location Information Early' to do it IF you have all pages set as quantity on confirmation - as others have said, this is NOT a nice system to run. SO......

    Is there a hack that i can use to prompt customers for their delivery country as soon as they add an item to cart? I'm guessing its just a case in effect, of setting the checkout cookie early. A quick drop down for country and postage type would be great - it could fill any other values required in checkout cookie to blank, or default data, that could be updated on real checkout.

    in fact, every time you visit the site, i'd love a script to check for the delivery info, and if it isnt there, prompt for it..... that would be great

    i note if you 'remember me' then as soon as you come back to the site in the future, you can see post cost in the cart, so it seems a persistant cookie is involved???

    We are NOT using the login / customer account option by the way.

    ideas, advice, tut-tut's all appreciated....

    Andy Warner - rpgs, boardgames, dice and other geeky stuff D&D and Star Wars Miniatures

    Both running the Cart from Search Page hack

    Also and

    All running V8.5.2 Multisite on a windows 7 quad PC, augmented by Mole End automation, from a single shared database, using actinic specific hosting from Host-IT.


    I've also looked at this and as far as i can see, if there is a cookie in place from a previous order the shipping costs will be displayed so it might work if you check for the presence of the cookie and if not there create one with some default details for the customer to amend later.

    currently, i just have a not in the left hand margin giving a rough price guide and request that they enter their address after adding the first item to see the postage.


      I have to agree on this.

      At the moment it doesn't work and is absolutely not customer-friendly.

      I only sell in the UK so I really want a way of putting in the shipping cost automatically for orders under a certain threshold.

      It seems to me that a customer gets a price, then goes through to the checkout and finds it is 3.99 more. That's crazy.

      Does anyone have any ideas please?


        Any updates for this

        Using 2013 (12.03)

        I also need to display delivery prices before the main checkout. It used to be like this with my v8 site.

        The customer would click checkout, select, the del and inv location and the order total would change based on this. This worked well for us.

        I HATE using a website that doesn't tell me shipping until later in the checkout or after signing up/logging in. I also don't want to click around a site trying to find details either.

        I have looked at this
        but I want to use Quantity on product page so this is no good.

        Surely there is a work around but I can't find one as yet. Sorry to sound fed up but it seems that every time I work out a problem i am getting faced with another! Perhaps this is life!
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