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G.W.Green 04-Jan-2018 10:49 AM

Linking to an External SQL Database
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Versions of Sellerdeck Enterprise since v16.0.4 RGVB will support linking to an external SQL database. This requires the external database to be on a SQL server linked to the one holding your Sellerdeck database.

Microsoft provides an overview of linked servers ( and instructions for setting one up (

We recommend that you have this done by the person who set up the SQL database that you want to link to.

After linking the servers, proceed as follows:
  1. From the Sellerdeck Desktop ‘File’ menu, select ‘External Links’.
  2. Check the box ‘Link Products To Table in an External Database’.
  3. Click ‘Browse’.
  4. Select the linked server you want to use:

  5. Select the database containing the table you want to link to:

  6. Select the table to link to:

  7. Click ‘OK’.
You can now proceed with mapping the linked fields, as described in the Sellerdeck Desktop main help (the section ‘Mapping External File Fields’ in the chapter ‘Linking to an External File’).

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