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Error when using the Single Product per page converter selecting SellerDeck database

When using the Single Product per page converter, and selecting the SellerDeck database you receive an error shows saying “data cannot be accessed on this domain”

This happens when you are trying to access a data source on another domain. To resolve this error please do the following:-
  1. Go to “Start>Control Panel> Internet options”
  2. Select the “Security Tab”
  3. Select “Internet”
  4. Click on “Custom Level”
  5. Scroll down to “Miscellaneous”
  6. Under “Access data sources across domains” Select “Enable”
  7. Click on “Ok”
  8. What you have just done for Internet in step 3 you will need to repeat steps 4-7 for “local intranet”, “Trusted Sites”, “Restricted Sites”

This will resolve the error when selecting your SellerDeck database using the single product per page converter.
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