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Originally Posted by Mike Hughes View Post
Hello John,

It's odd but the 'Our Price From' is showing the wrong price anyway.

I'd say the problem is going to be the variable that you're using in the layout that displays the 'Our Price' bit. What variable are you using?
Hi Mike,
Our Price is a field at product level which should be 299 (human error) where as the priceses below are populated at the Options level. So the Parent is not calculated from the Options - that would be nice.

However, this is what the designer is coming up with when I click on the price next to Our Price:

<actinic:block PHP='true'>priceformat("<actinic:variable name="SecondCurrencyFormat" selectable="false" />","<actinic:variable name="TaxInclusivePrice" selectable="false" />", "<actinic:variable name="TaxInclusivePriceAlt" selectable="false" />");</actinic:block>
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