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How to set up your Android phone for email.

If you have not already set-up and configured A email account with Sellerdeck, please look at the following knowledge base articles:

How to set up Email on your Android phone
  1. Tap ‘Applications’
  2. Search for ‘email’
  3. In the account and password box’s key in your logon information
  4. tap ‘Manual set-up’
  5. Three options will appear, tap ‘POP3 account’
  6. This will take you to ‘Incoming server settings’
  7. Change the username to your logon Information username (This is normally the email address)
  8. Scroll down, under POP3 server make sure that this is your POP3 server information so for example ‘’ or ‘’
  9. The port for standard should be 110
  10. Tap ‘next’
  11. This will take you to Outgoing server settings
  12. Double check the SMTP server is correct
  13. change the port from ‘587’ to ‘25’
  14. Tap ‘Next’

Once connected, it will give you the option to have a account name, and a display name, the display name is not optional and is what people will see on emails sent from the phone.

Trouble shooting Android email

Cannot connect: invalid username or password

If this error occurs it is because the password or username are incorrect, by default it will change the username, for example if the email was this will default the username to test. Try changing the user name to the email address within Logon information.

Make sure the password is correct.

Unable to connect to server

This will normally be because the POP3 or SMTP server is incorrect, by default the phone will have POP3 as 110 and SMTP as 587.

You can find out this information in outlook:
  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to ‘Tools’ | click ‘E-mail accounts’
  3. Select ‘View or change existing e-mail accounts’
  4. Hit ‘Next’
  5. Select the correct E-mail account and Click ‘ Change..’
  6. Browse for and select ‘More Settings…’
    [*Navigate to the ‘Advanced’ Tab
  7. This will show you your POP3 and SMTP ports both are needed on the phone, by default within outlook they should be 110 for POP3 and 25 for SMTP

If the error ‘Unable to connect to server’ continues, double check that the POP3 Server and SMTP server are correct, you can find this under ‘Server Information’ In ‘E-Mail accounts’ for example or


By Default the Security on the phone will be ‘None’ changing this will change the ports and could cause trouble when trying to connect to the server, if so set this to ‘None’ and see if it connects.
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