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Old 04-Nov-2010, 05:23 PM
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Digital download links do not appear when using PayPal or Nochex

PayPal and Nochex do not authorise payments in the same way that normal payment service providers do.
With a normal payment service provider, the customer's payment is authorised, the vendor's site is contacted and an authorisation file created (known as a 'callback') before sending the customer back to the vendor's site to receive the receipt. This will only happen after the authorisation callback has been completed.

PayPal and Nochex however authorise payments in batches and effectively 'queues' the authorisation.
Once the authorisation has successfully completed they pass the customer back to the vendor's site whether the authorisation callback to the vendor's site has been made or not. This means that the customer can be passed back to the site to receive the receipt prior to the authorisation file being created.

When the customer is passed back to the vendor's site, this triggers the customer email and the receipt. At this point the software checks to see if an authorisation file has been created or not, if the authorisation file has been created the digital download links will be displayed in the receipt and in the email, however if no such file is found the links will not be displayed in the receipt or sent with the email.

Sometimes if the queue at PayPal or Nochex has been completed quickly, refreshing the receipt page will display the links, but normally you will need to send an email containing the digital download links from the desktop software.

If you wish to reliably display the download links in the receipt or in the automatic receipt email then the use of PayPal and Nochex cannot be recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not affect the 'PayPal Website Payments Pro' payment method.
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