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Old 18-Apr-2013, 08:37 AM
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Can shipping costs be calculated and shown before checkout ?

The steps below, detail how shipping costs can be calculated and displayed prior to entering the checkout:
  1. Open your SellerDeck software.
  2. Go to 'Design | Design Options' and select the shopping mode 'Quantity on Confirmation Page'.
  3. Click 'Ok' then go to 'Settings | Business Settings | Ordering' then in the 'Miscellaneous' option select 'Request Location Information Early' and click 'OK'.

    PLEASE NOTE: if this is greyed out, go to the 'Content Tree' and check the 'Page Settings' tab of every section and make sure the 'Shopping Mode' menu has 'Use Parent Settings' ticked.

  4. Tick this box
  5. Press 'Ok' and click 'Web | Refresh Website'.

Once this is done, when a customer adds a product to their basket on the site they will be required to input their location. The shipping cost will then be displayed in the Shopping Cart.
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