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Old 13-Jan-2017, 03:53 PM
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How do I determine which MS Access Driver is being used?

There are two different MS Access Drivers available; MS Jet and MS ACE.

MS Jet has been around for many years but has been superseded by MS ACE since the release of MS Access 2007.

SellerDeck 2016 can work with either driver however 'Crystal Reports' which is the engine used for the SellerDeck reports will only work with MS Jet, therefore MS Jet will always need to be installed.

Versions of SellerDeck Desktop prior to 12.0.5 OHXC do not support the ACE driver.

For all versions after 12.0.5 OFLD up to v16.0.0 the ACE driver is supported, but is not enabled by default.

Since the launch of v16.0.0, the ACE driver is enabled by default.

In all cases since 12.0.5 OHXC, the application requires a registry setting to be set and for the ACE driver to be installed otherwise the Jet driver will be used.

The article Switching to the MS ACE Engine describes how to check which version of MS ACE is installed, and (for versions prior to SellerDeck 2016) how to enable the use of MS ACE.
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