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Problems with order sequence.

If you have recently tranferred your site to another machine for any reason, perhaps to a designer it is possible that orders may have been downloaded to the other machine.

There are safeguards built into the software when importing a snapshot that disable automatic downloading so that if orders are normally downloaded automatically into the software, it will not attempt this on the machine that has imported the snapshot.

If you are, for example; sending a snapshot to a designer for work, you can do the following: -
  1. Change FTP User-name and Password
  2. Change the 'Web Username' and 'Web Password'.
To do the first you will need to change the password and user name on your hosting account or contact your hosting company to do this.
Once you have the new details, please go to 'Web | Network Setup' and amend the settings here.

NOTE: If it is expected that the third party that receives the snapshot will upload to a test directory on your site, then please ignore this step.

For the second, to help rule out someone other than yourself downloading orders from your site within the software please go to 'Settings | Business settings | Ordering' and tick the option: -


and remove the tick from: -


Click 'Apply' and then 'OK' to close the box and publish the site.

Wait for approximately an hour then run the command 'Operation | Retrieve orders'.

Once you have done this go to 'Housekeeping | Security'.

Here you will see the fields 'Web Username' and 'Web Password'.
Here you need to change the username and password and click 'OK.

NOTE: It is essential to use a secure username and password, something like 'Password123' is not appropriate. It is best to use a username and password containing a mix of upper and lowercase letters and numbers .It is not important for you to remember the password as it will be stored for use in the software
There are a number of secure password generators available to use on the internet that can generate an extremely secure password.

Please return to 'Settings | Business settings | Ordering' and remove the tick from the option: -


and tick the option: -


Click 'Apply' and then 'OK' to close the box and publish the site.

At this point you will see a few warning messages informing you that the username and password to not match, when you see this click 'Ignore' and eventually the software will continue to upload.

*Please Note: If you have one or more machines downloading orders all of these machines will also need to have 'Web Username' and 'Web Password' changed to that of the software on the main machine.
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