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    General Business Advice?

    I wasn't sure in what section to put this so I've put it here.

    I'm in a bit of a pickle and could really do with some pointers as regards initial steps to get out of said pickle. I know there are good, genuine people on these forums so thought it might be a good place to start.

    Long story short:

    Built a Sellerdeck website for my father's business back in 2007. All went well - a little too well really, power of being online and all that.

    I concentrated and worked very hard on delivering the product - took on new people to help; father did all the financial, legal, tax, and payroll stuff.

    Recently my father was taken seriously ill and had to leave work quite abruptly. Fortunately we had recently taken on a woman who had a fair amount of business experience and she stepped into his role, managing payroll, accounts, tax etc.

    Today she's informed me that she's leaving in a few days due to personal and professional reasons - she didn't elaborate, and I'm up the proverbial creek.

    I don't know what I'm doing. I've always been involved in the manufacturing/order fulfilment dept. I have a business brain but no experience of the back office nitty gritty. I could advertise for her replacement but what's the job title?

    I'm thinking I need a business advisor perhaps to guide me, to get things running properly, and advise me on who I need. Where might be a reliable source for that?

    Just looking for some input from those who have business experience. I'd be very grateful.

    Can you not get your accountant or book keeper to do tax, payroll etc for you?

    I have a book keeper who sorts all invoices for me and just gives me a list of payments to make. Does all wages, paye, pensions etc. The book keeper keeps all
    ledgers and accounts in order for the accountant.

    I must add none of them though have access to the bank account so I actually make all payments myself.


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      Thanks Jason. Yes, had a little meting today and someone else has suggested the same. Next step is to get a meeting with the accountant. I don't want to be sitting in an office all day. I will also need an "accounts administrator" though.