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Billing Error and website down

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    Billing Error and website down

    Last Wednesday I received several emails from Sellerdeck, basiaclly reneweing contracts that were not due for renewal, and taking 1 on each invoice. I assumed that this was an admin thing checking D/D working.
    I left early Friday, but in the afternoon more emails, cancelling the orders and crediting the 1s.
    Last weekend I received no orders, which is odd, but put it down to nearly pay day and the approaching Bank Holiday.
    Later on Monday I went to my website and saw security alert.
    Rang Sellerdeck Tech support. They looked at my site, said hang on, went away for two mins, came back and said try now, hey presto, working.

    I believe that due to an Admin error sellerdeck turned off my SSL and caused me to have no orders.

    If you have had no orders, browse to your website.
    Cheers Steve