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Paypal Payments bug - Wrong PSP method being set and Payments not being recognised.

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    Paypal Payments bug - Wrong PSP method being set and Payments not being recognised.

    I've been seeing quite a few problems with orders recently using 18.0.6 with orders not being marked as paid when they have been and the customer email not being sent.

    I've noticed this morning that one of the reasons for this is that some orders where the customer has paid using Paypal have been marked with the payment method being Paypoint (my other payment method). I get the payment confirmation email from Paypal and the payment is in my paypal transaction list but presumably sellerdeck isn't seeing it because it's expecting a different confirmation to the one it gets.

    This doesn't happen all the time but does happen regularly enough that it's becoming a real nuisance. Particularly because I first have to go to paypoint to check if it's been paid or not and what the problem might be and then to go to paypal to see if it's in there.

    Josh has already alluded to their being other payment bugs with paypal that have been addressed but this looks as if it might be another one.

    It would be nice to have this fixed along with the other paypal bugs so I can start using paypal for credit cards as well as just paypal payments.


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    I'm unsure if this is related but we have been having major problems with sagepay/opayo since thursday last week (including paypal payments through sagepay)

    Lots of these in our server error log.

    Program = ORDERSCR, Program version = 39919 , HTTP Server = Apache , Return code = 999 , Date and Time = 2021/04/06 10:22, Internal Errors = Error recording Sage Pay payment: Call Back Transaction ID does not match the expected ID

    Opayo Status page has something about pulling the latest certificate, but I'm really unsure how that helps. Its quite ambiguous as to what you need to do. Emailing them just results in waiting for them to reply.

    Something odd seems to happening and not a lot is being said.


      Mike, I was having that issue for well over three years, and it never got resolved by Sellerdeck. I ended up taking PayPal off my site, as I was sick of checking for payments against orders still sitting in the 'PSP-Pending' folder (as well as being sick of other problems associated with enabling any of the PayPal payment methods in Sellerdeck).

      A few weeks later whilst addressing a different issue (Sellerdeck will soon be discontinuing support for PayPoint, but will still be supporting Opayo - see 'Supported and Recommended Payment Service Providers') I decided to move from PayPoint to Opayo. After I moved, I was really pleased to discover that my customers can choose PayPal from the Opayo payment screen (PayPal is simply included as one of the payment choices alongside Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc). So now I no longer have any of the issues associated with enabling PayPal from within Sellerdeck, I can once again offer PayPal to my customers, and I will avoid any issues if/when it comes to PayPoint ceasing to work with Sellerdeck.

      itc - as mentioned above, I'm with Opayo but I haven't noticed any of the issues you mention. I checked my error log just now too, but there are no errors matching what you describe. Sorry I can't help more than that but I hope you get it sorted.


        It is a problem that I suffer from too in 18.0.6

        Wonder if it will be the same in 18.1?
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