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EU VAT Validation

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    EU VAT Validation

    At the moment, Sellerdeck shows two objects during checkout to an EU Country for the VAT section

    #1 : A "check" box
    #2 : A box to fill in the VAT number

    We often find mistakes
    eg. someone enters non VAT details and ticks = order is nil VAT received
    eg. company enters VAT number but does not tick the box

    Can something like this be incorporated to the checkout?

    When result for "valid" = true = the sellerdeck #1 "check" box is ticked = nil VAT
    When result for "valid" = false = the sellerdeck #1 "check" box is not ticked = VAT applies

    I've been holding back on asking this due to Brexit...
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    It's not going to be that difficult to do. In essence it looks to me as if you want EU customers to enter their VAT number during checkout and click a validate button. If the validation comes back with 'true' then the tick box is ticked and nil rate VAT is applied. (presumably also the tick box should no longer be able to be ticked by the customer).

    Personally I also think it would be good to bring the rest of the validation data into sellerdeck so you can see the VAT company's name and address.

    It's the kind of usability feature that would be nice if Sellerdeck would include but if not it's probably a bit more work than I'd expect someone to do for free so you might have to pay for it. Norman would be the first person I'd contact.

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      Yes, it's more than likely this is a bespoke job, but it would be nice if that feature was available. - saves us time on
      #1 : checking
      #2 : chasing when customers order NIL VAT when they supposed to pay it (esp when someone in the office failed to check and it's found invalid after the order's charged and sent - for quarterly EC Sales List submission, the difference can be upto 3 months after the order is done...)