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    Looking at the amount of data you can get from both Analytic's and Bing it does make you wonder why Sellerdeck totally ignores helping its users in a similar and better way

    With Analytic's and Bing equivalent we get great history and breakdown of all sorts of data but where it fails is in it cannot provide any info on phone or fax orders, which would make it far more useful for analising sales and historic trends.

    Could not Sellerdeck merge on our computers both the analytic's data and the manually entered to give us the whole picture of sales
    Chris Ashdown

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    An interesting idea Chris.

    There are all kinds of useful reports you should be able to pull out from the sellerdeck database.

    So are you after something with a point and click interface that lets you dive down into various different aspects of the sales data at will. Kind of like analytics but with a slightly different slant on it?


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      Hi Mike

      Yes something reasonably basic that shows where the sales comes from at say the end of the month and decent amount of data from all sources maybe with a bit of graphics

      Analytic's tells us where the online orders came from how many items sold and price etc for each period in tabular and graphic detail but in our case and i am sure many others it Phone orders are a big part of our sales from repeat customers or just those who don't want to use online buying

      It's easy to get the basic info but delving much deeper is very time consuming where as merging of the info would be great but probably very difficult

      In fact i don't remember any changes in the seller deck info from ver 4 till now, but maybe i am wrong

      I remember looking at a Australian program a few years ago which had a the time far better sales information, but not as advanced as what i am talking about
      Chris Ashdown