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    Could we specify a default location and shipping option? I know that 90% of my customers are in mainland england and will choose the cheapest option.


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      Originally posted by John Ennals View Post
      If I knew this was coming in SD2017 I'd be more than happy to renew my SellerDeck cover.
      If I'd known this wasn't coming in SD2018 I probably wouldn't have renewed my SD Cover. Still, it's only money, isn't it?

      John Ennals


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        Originally posted by EdHarrison View Post
        Yes the cart is very misleading with a total that includes shipping but it is not listed as a field until after the checkout.

        Has cost us orders where customers do not like the totals not making sense.

        Norman kindly provided a brilliant fix - support just said it is request location early (messy) and is earmarked for a future update.
        Ed, where is the fix Norman done for you as I can't find it on his website, but you clearly have it sorted on your website - I've been trying this for months and I still can't get it to work

        Norman or Ed, we need you !!