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18 May: completed upgrade of the Sellerdeck Community software. Please report any issues in this post.
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    oldaddress.fil is blocked in Chrome. But not in Firefox?!
    Arka Tribal Jewellery


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      I would ask the other thread subscribers for some help on this...

      In fact I get 403 on oldaddress.fil
      Jonathan Chappell
      Website Designer
      SellerDeck Website Designer
      Actinic to SellerDeck upgrades
      Graphicz Limited -


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        ah! that made me think cookies.
        and yes, once I cleared the firefox cookies for my site and went back it blocked oldaddress.fil
        So all good. Your code works for me. :-) Thanks
        Arka Tribal Jewellery


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          Originally posted by feemish View Post
          Lat night I made a post on the forum regarding conflicting advice being given by Sellerdeck and Phil Rothwell regarding the 'soft opt in'. This morning the post has been deleted. I can email you the links if you contact me. Looks like Sellerdeck do not want an open and transparent discussion about it.
          Please see the ICO guidance link in the post below concerning the soft opt-in legitimate interest option to comply with the GDPR.

          I have adopted this approach for our existing customers, however, if your mailing list extends beyond this then I believe you will need to gain consent from recipients to continue marketing emails to those on the list and remove those that no longer consent.

          This was set up for our site on the first checkout page 2 weeks ago.

          Our business has been closed for holidays for the past week and whilst clearing the backlog of orders received during this period, I noticed that about half had the 'Keep Details Private' checkbox ticked NOT TO BE contacted about products we sell that might be of interest to them suggesting that a significant number of customers prefer not to receive ongoing marketing communications.

          From now on all marketing emails should include an option for the recipients to opt out of future email communications if they wish.

          Mantra Audio


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            Thanks Martin, that is as I understand it as well... and as Sellerdeck are describing too. Making it more surprising that Sellerdeck removed the post..Phil Rothwell disagrees, and I have seen the same disagreement elsewhere. I thought an open discussion might clear up the confusion.
            Arka Tribal Jewellery