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How do I use components to create special offers?

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    How do I use components to create special offers?

    A worked example of this procedure is below:
    1. Create a new product at the top level of your catalog.
    2. Give it a Short Description of 'This Week: Special Offer only 9.00' (assuming 9.00 is a good price for the item)
    3. Give it a price of 9.00
    5. Click OK.
    6. Now highlight your new product in the Content Tree and create a new component called 'Special Offer'
    7. Associate the 'Special Offer' component with an existing product in your store.
    8. Finally, double-click on the original (existing) product and check where it says Hide on Web Site.
    This will mean that the original product will not appear on the web site.

    The effect of setting up products and components like this is that the customer will pay only 9.00 when they buy the product online. More importantly, the component/association system means that the original product (and not the special offer product) will have its stock levels altered when the item is ordered. This means that only one product (rather than two - the special offer and the original product) will be monitored by the stock monitoring system.