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Can I show the payment method in the confirmation email?

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    Can I show the payment method in the confirmation email?

    To add the payment method that the customer has chosen to the confirmation email do the following:

    * browse to your site folder and locate '' (take a backup)

    * edit this file in a text editor such as notepad

    * search for 'CUSTOMER_NAME'

    * you will see...


    * insert the following after this line:

    $ACTINIC::B2B->SetXML('PAYMENT_METHOD', $$::g_pPaymentList{$::g_PaymentInfo{METHOD}}{PROMPT});

    * save and close the file

    * within Actinic you then need to add the variable to show the payment method into the 'Customer Email' layout

    * on the 'Design' tab, select 'Customer email' from the 'Select Page Type' drop-down box

    * in the 'layout code' window insert the following where you want the payment method to appear.

    Payment method: <Actinic:PAYMENT_METHOD/>

    * click 'Apply' and update your site

    Does this script change still work on later versions?

    We tried to implement this on a v16 site and the email did not show the payment method.
    Cheers, Todd Edwardson
    sigpic & SellerDeck US Sales & Service
    800-503-5717 | 609-773-0800


      You're probably best using the instructions in the AUG. They definitely work in v16.
      Payment Method
      This technique will show the Payment Method in the email that gets sent out when the customer places an order
      Edit '' in your site folder (take a backup first)
      Search for:
      # Read the template
      Insert the following directly before the above:
      # Add payment info
      my $sPaymentDescription = $::g_pPaymentList->{$::g_PaymentInfo{METHOD}}->{PROMPT};
      $ACTINIC::B2B->SetXML('PaymentMethod', $sPaymentDescription);
      Close and save the file
      You can then add the following into your customer email template:
      Payment Method: <Actinic:PaymentMethod/>
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