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Connecting EPOS over a Network

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    Connecting EPOS over a Network

    On the PC you wish to make the “Master”, make sure that the Databases and the Folders containing them are fully shared over the network. Please see below:
    1. Go to your C Drive and Right Click on the Checkout Folder
    2. Go to Properties and click on the Sharing Tab

    3. Click on Share and make sure you have all users in the list, and make sure they all have Full Permissions (Read/Write)

    4. Click on Share
    5. Click Done.

    To connect SellerDeck EPOS network:
    1. Open EPOS on the remote machine (this is the machine connecting to the main instance of SellerDeck EPOS), go to 'Setup | This Till' and select the ‘Till Setup’ tab.
    2. Change the Till ID to be a different number to all other SellerDeck EPOS systems on the Network.
    3. Then go to the 'Connect' tab.
    4. Click the small square next to 'Path to Data', and browse to the shared 'Data.mdb'. Repeat for 'Path to Transaction Data', 'Path to Order Data', ‘Path to Stock Data', and 'Path to Z Read Data'.

    5. Click on the ‘Connect’ Button. This will connect the Data.mdb database. This is the largest database and will therefore take the longest.

    6. Click on each of the other ‘Connect’ buttons (‘Connect Trans’, ‘Connect Orders’, ‘Connect Stock’, ‘Connect Zread’) These will be a lot quicker.
    7. Once these are all connected. Go to the ‘Sales’ Screen, then to ‘Menu’ and click ‘Copy Data from Server’

    8. If you have more than one till connected remotely, repeat steps 2 to 8 above on the extra tills.


    If you have any problems with the instructions above, the following article may help:
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