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Can my customers register for an account online?

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    Can my customers register for an account online?

    Although it is not possible for a customer to create a customer account whilst browsing online, it is possible for storeowners to include a product that simulates the registration process.

    To start the process you need to make it possible to set the add to cart button layout and the edit the text on the add to cart button for an individual product.

    1. Go to 'Design | Library | Layouts'.

    2. Within the 'Add To Cart Button' group double-click on the 'AddToCartButton' layout selector.

    3. Under 'Place of Setting' select 'Product' and click 'OK'.

    4. Now change to the 'Variables' tab.

    5. Expand the 'Product' group and double-click on 'CartButtonText'.

    6. Again, under 'Place of Setting' select 'Product'.

    7. Click 'OK' and close the library.

    8. Create a new product somewhere in your store (top level is normally a good idea) called 'Register for an account' (or something similar).

    9. Within the full description, enter text similar to the following:

    Click the button below to register for an account with us.

    On the next screen, click !!<<b>Checkout now</b>>!! and then supply us with your invoice and delivery details in the pages that follow.

    !!<<b>Please Note:</b>>!! We will be in contact you via email when your account is ready.

    10. Within the 'Add To Cart Button Layout' field in the 'General' tab select 'Add To Cart Button'.

    11. Within the 'Text For Cart Button' field type "Register Now"

    You need not fill in any other fields. You must be especially sure that you do not enter a price.

    Now, when people order this 'product' online, you can turn their invoice and delivery details into a customer account by clicking the 'Create Customer Account' button within the 'Contact' tab of the order.
    If you are using weight-based shipping then make sure this product has a weight of '0' and then in 'Business Settings | Shipping and Handling', make sure that orders with a weight of '0' get charged '0.00' shipping.