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Improve Windows Vista performance:

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    Improve Windows Vista performance:

    You can improve the performance of SellerDeck running on Windows Vista by making the following changes to your PC:

    a). You can generally speed up Windows Vista by turning off some of the complex User Interface features, known as Windows Aero. See steps below:

    1. Go to Control Panel and click on System and Maintenance.
    2. Click on 'System'.
    3. Click on 'Advance System Settings'
    4. Click 'OK' on the 'User Account Control' (if it is turned on)
    5. Under 'Performance' click on 'Settings'.
    6. Then click on 'Adjust for best performance'.
    7. Then click 'OK'.

    b). Maintain good file system performance by regularly defragmenting your PC and running disk scans. (Double click on 'Computer' then right click on 'C:\ | Properties | Tools | Defrag Now')