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  • Sellerdeck SQL back to Sellerdeck MSACCESS

    Has any one tried it?

    I thought of just reverting an old backup... or export existing data and then import to MSACCESS version and then re-create everything else...

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    Hi Zgap,

    While it is technically possible, would likely not be the most fun of tasks, if done manually.

    A quick google brings this up:

    After using SQL for 18 months or so, I'd struggle to go back to Access.
    Matt. M - SMR Enterprises Ltd.


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      Assuming you have a multi-user setup, I would strongly advise against going back to Access.

      If you're determined to do so, go to File > Sites, then select the site you want to change and click 'Convert'. This works both ways, from Access to SQL and from SQL to Access.

      You can't convert the currently open site. So if you only have one, you'll need to create a new dummy site and switch to that one, then Convert your main site, and delete the dummy site afterwards.

      You MUST take a backup snapshot first. And don't be tempted to keep switching the same site between Access and SQL, as it's a fairly complex process.
      Bruce Townsend
      Ecommerce Product Manager
      Sellerdeck Ecommerce Solutions