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Sellerdeck 365 (with Sellerdeck SQL Version)

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  • Sellerdeck 365 (with Sellerdeck SQL Version)

    My workstation decided to update to the Windows 10 Creators Version
    - then an old problem reared it's head = the update re-enabled some network adapters and Sellerdeck Sync Server would kick me out of the program - see image.

    I am currently finding the normal Multi User very unstable at 3 users...
    and we are looking to switching to Sellerdeck 365 which includes the SQL version of Sellerdeck.

    I would like to hear views from anyone who has upgraded from the normal multi-user to the SQL version - any pros and cons, upgrade experience good/bad smooth/rough etc...

    Are there any differences in the software?
    - There is no Trial version for the SQL so no way for me to check,,,

    Are there any changes to your usual routine?

    eg. I have a scheduled bat file that runs at out-of-office hours to backup sites directory to a compressed file - with SQL, I assume this no longer possible (?)

    Are there differences (Access vs SQL) in the import/export functions?
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