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Error processing payment a form frmSales_Cash.....

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  • Error processing payment a form frmSales_Cash.....

    First transaction of the day and when the sale was completed, F12 then F8 entered we got the following error, titled "Microsoft Access":

    Error processing payment a form frmSales_Cash. The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist.
    The box cannot be closed via the "X" and only repeated clicking on "OK" makes it disappear.

    The screen then freezes and a restart of EPOS is necessary to get it functioning again.

    Any ideas?

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    What version of SellerDeck EPOS are you running? Is it network or solo?

    Have you had this issue since? I have seen this a couple of times before, but both times the issue 'fixed itself' which isn't helpful.

    If it is reproducible, it would be useful to submit a support ticket and send in the databases for investigation.
    Ian Bigg
    SellerDeck Ltd

    Further help can also be found at


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      You're right, it fixed itself but it's happening again now Ian, once or twice a week.

      I'll be in the shop tomorrow so I shall forward the database to you then.