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Whole days trading data missing

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  • Whole days trading data missing


    Our EPOS has done a rather odd thing today, it has lost all of the days sales data.

    I checked the x read about an hour ago, and to my surprise only my last transaction was showing. When I viewed the 'Sales - Today on this till' it only shows the last transaction too.

    I know the z-read has not been reset, so where has this information gone?

    It may be coincidence, but this seemed to happen shortly after I received the following error message:

    Error processing payment a form frmSales_Cash. The expression you entered refers to an object that is closed or doesn't exist.

    Is there any way I can reinstate todays sales? If not, is there some way to prevent this happening again?

    Thanks in advance.

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    More information

    Now I seem to be getting the following error messages on most transactions:

    'Error stock controlling items'

    followed by


    Very odd indeed.


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      We have lost trading days too, couple of causes.
      Two epos sessions open at once or missing data in a critical field.
      Check the stock data either by a qry or viewing the info in the view screen. Often you might see a cost price missing which causes Invalid Use of Nul errors etc.

      The only solution we could do was create a new product called Adjustments and ring the missing gross value back through the till. Not ideal but at least VAT etc was right.

      Let us know how you got on