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Ebay Orders -not showing Vat in Tax Summary

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    Ebay Orders -not showing Vat in Tax Summary

    We have been using the Ebay order Management extension for over a year now and had no real problems except when an order is placed and the customer uses Ebays global shipping service - the details that come across are all wrong.
    We have just gone Vat Registered and we have moved over to VAT settings on Sellerdeck -
    In Business settings Tax Mode is set to Advanced
    Product Prices - Inclusive of Vat
    Order Processing - Preffered Invoice Format - Tax Exclusive Prices

    When sellerdeck imports the order from Ebay and you complete an invoice its showing the Vat under the subtotal of the invoice. In line item it shows tax code but the unit price is the total price.

    On the text line of the invoice Vat Summary it shows the Vat Code which is correct but has a Rate of 0% Net cost displays as full amount and Tax = 0.00
    (Ebay account is set up with Vat number)

    If you manually raise an order it displays correctly in the Vat Summary, orders direct from the website are correctly displayed just Ebays imported orders are not correct.

    We have unistalled the extension and reinstalled it and it is still showing the same. The only way around this at the moment is to delete the line on the Ebay order and add new item inputting the same ordered item again and it displays correctly in the tax summary, or we manually raise the orders which i do not want to go back to.

    Has anyone had this issue or have we just set something up wrong

    Many thanks in advance for any help or feedback on this extension

    Has this problem only started with effect from the date of your post (2nd October) or has this been ongoing for a while?